Ancient wisdom: reflections on man and nature

Ancient wisdom: reflections on man and nature

“Here's what you can do: suppress man and safeguard the environment, or suppress the environment and safeguard man. It can suppress man and the environment together, or it can protect man and the environment together ”.

This is how the Buddhist teacher Ch’an Lin Zi summarized in a very concise way in the 9th century, the different types of possible relationships between man and nature, which today constitute the center of the debate on ecology and environment.

To know which of these statements is the most correct, one must first understand what man is, what nature is and what links them. As one Zen master put it: “This sheet of paper is made entirely of 'non-sheet of paper' elements; in the same way, man is made entirely of "non-human" elements.

Buddhism always aimed to rediscover the deep nature of things; For example, to convey to his disciple Kasyapa the essence of his teaching, Master Sakya Muni - creator of Buddhism - took a simple flower and showed it to him.

Observing an object deeply until seeing all of creation there, as well as discovering the temporality of phenomena and their links of cause and effect, are the foundations of a true and spiritual ecology.

Feng Shui - Wind and Water

Feng Shui literally means "wind and water" and refers to the topography of the earth, its mountains, valleys and rivers. Its shapes and sizes, direction and levels were created by the continuous interactions of these two powerful forces of nature.

It is Chinese geomancy that has developed to become a practice of techniques that mix mystical beliefs, astrology, folklore and common sense governing the arrangement and special orientation to achieve harmony in the environment.

he basic of the traditional feng shui technique is that the place (land) to build is near a mountain and river, and that the mountain is located behind you and the water in front, so that you can accumulate qi (vital energy ) and save the wind.

Directions should also be studied. According to modern feng shui theories, when choosing a house its stability and habitability must be evaluated, in addition to studying the geographical environment in detail.

If you can choose a place that is surrounded by mountains and embraced by the river, where you can hear the birds singing and with flowers and trees that provide shade, obviously it is possible that people live with a strong health of body and mind and can live happily for many years.

As the saying goes, "The blessed inhabit the blessed land and vice versa." As long as you do what you have to do, you will eventually reap your due.

Chinese Medicine - Eco Medicine

Another example of great wisdom is given by traditional Chinese medicine, which - steeped in Buddhism and Taoism - understands the human being as a system that lives at the rhythm of the universe that surrounds it.

While we tend to consider that our life belongs to us, the Chinese medical tradition teaches that “life does not belong to us, it is we who belong to it”. Man is an integral part of nature, it not only belongs to him, but it corresponds to him.

Another example of great wisdom is given by traditional Chinese medicine, which understands the human being as a system that lives at the rhythm of the universe that surrounds it.

In the same way, Chinese medicine presents the human being as a miniature ecosystem and emphasizes the similarity that his organism presents with that of nature: bony protrusions like mountain reliefs, hair system like forests and venous system like rivers.

To make a parallel: when we place a dam in a river to generate electrical energy it is as if we cut a vein in our body.

It is incomprehensible that man, in his eagerness to search for wealth and material benefits, has spoiled ecosystems, lands, fauna and flora.

If we understand ourselves as part of that "whole" that is nature, it is irrational to do something like that because it is like destroying oneself. However, we have already done so.

Fortunately, there are still some people with a conscience who are going to plant those trees that others deforested, who are going to grow the food that they forced us to consume with GMOs and pesticides and who are going to make the air of our planet breathable again.

The future is going that way, that is our hope for tomorrow, a single person could not do it, but if there are many of us, we can.

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