Uruguay school teaches meditation to children to deal with violence and bullying

Uruguay school teaches meditation to children to deal with violence and bullying

It is Primary School No. 97, “Federico García Lorca”, in Montevideo, Uruguay, which started the project this year.

The case of 6th grade teacher Yennyfer Quartino has been complex since she was at the forefront of a group with marked cases of social violence reflected in the classroom, exhaustion and blurring, which made it impossible for these children to perform at school for several years.

Consequently, Lic. Quartino designed a project focused on Human Rights as a path towards a culture for peace.

This project includes mediation for the understanding and transformation of reality, "the regulation of their impulses, the awareness of their capacities and the putting into play of those instruments for the prevention of violence", writes Lic. Quartino in her project.

"Peace in society cannot exist where there is violence, and the place where transformation must begin is from within oneself." Thus, the project seeks to develop a peaceful coexistence "where respect, communication, listening and good treatment are some of the objectives to be achieved as enhancers of multiple capacities".

They benefit not only spiritually but also biologically (Silvia, Director of the School)

Quartino explains that, in extended days, many students said they were "tired", "without energy" and "unable to concentrate on the class proposals".

"This year we decided to practice Falun Dafa, and the results are wonderful with the children," explains Lic. Quartino. “They benefit not only spiritually but biologically. They oxygenate and relax and enter the classroom focused and with a different attitude ”, explains Silvia Blumberg, director of the school.

The teacher Yennifer Quartino indicates that "it is understood that it is a practice that favors concentration, relaxation, children practice it in a wonderful way, there are no difficulties in learning it."

Falun Dafa is a traditional and popular ancient Chinese discipline of qigong, consisting of a set of gentle exercises and meditation that provide mental clarity and inner peace. The implementation of values ​​and attitudes based on truth, benevolence and tolerance are pillars of this discipline, to ensure that both the mind and the body are healthy. It is practiced freely and for free in public parks in more than 100 countries.

Students share their experiences

The children of School No. 97 practice daily exercises in the yard after lunch and before the afternoon subjects. The whole school is welcome to practice, and most grades, including 3rd, 4th and 5th, tend to join in on a daily basis.

“I feel relaxed, I feel like I like it, and later, when we entered the room, all the stress I had before doing Falun Dafa left me,” says Josefina, a 6th grade “A” student, who is very enthusiastic about this new practice.

“I feel more relaxed and more liberated,” adds a 3rd grader, and the little voices of Nicole and Belén from 3rd grade are added, saying at the same time: “I feel a lot of energy”, “I feel a lot of strength”.

The 6th “A” students tell their experience about how they progressed thanks to daily practice. "Before it was a commotion", says the student Josefina, "the teacher was explaining something and we weren't paying attention to it ... Now we concentrate more, we talk more". "We concentrate, we do the work in order," says Josefina.

The children say that now they resolve conflicts by “speaking”, “talking”, because - in the words of Joaquín, also a 6th grade “A” student - “they understand each other more. Before we spoke more moody and now calmer ”.

"He misbehaves but I have to put up with him, I have to tolerate him", reflects Leandro, another 6th grade student. "We practice when we are very upset and the teacher sees that she cannot control us", Agustina adds enthusiastically .

“These children had serious concentration problems and social violence reflected in the classroom. The changes they have made this year are moving ”, indicates Elsa Irigoyen, Departmental Inspector of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Falun Dafa exercises are already being successfully practiced in schools around the world to promote inner peace. Its implementation has helped to promote a harmonious school coexistence, tolerance and participation, fostering a favorable emotional environment for learning and the development of children's potentialities. It has also opened a door for children to experience peace internally, regulate their impulses, and be aware of their capacities for peaceful conflict resolution.

Children are exposed to a variety of current and historical conflicts around the world and this initiative undoubtedly provides a solution from the roots, fostering peace and harmony in the next generation of adults.

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