Monsanto wants to produce organics; movements are on alert

Monsanto wants to produce organics; movements are on alert

By Brasil de Fato

With no history in the production of organics, even the other way around, being a reference in the dissemination of pesticides and GMOs, Monsanto's strategy is to treat organics as just another product on the market.

According to Kenneth Avery, global vice-president for Montando Vegetables, the intention is to seek the certification of only varieties, such as tomato and pepper, in order to test the products. Currently, the company has 25 species of vegetables (non-organic) in 150 countries, with a turnover in 2015 of about US $ 816 million, which means a growth rate of 12% per year.

Despite the lack of certification, and taking advantage of the growing trend in the consumption of organic products, Monsanto seeds are already being sold to producers in the United States at more expensive prices than transgenic seeds. During the first half of 2016, organic seed sales exceed one billion dollars.

Monsanto expels

As one of the examples of the contradiction of the Monsanto initiative in relation to organics is that in the beginning of August the news of the dismantling of the plant for the production of transgenic corn seeds in the town of Malvinas Argentinas, province of Cordoba Argentina). After three years of popular mobilization, in the Malvinas Fight for Life Assembly, the company, which has not yet officially announced, leaves the city.

Sofia Gatica is one of the people who participates in the blockade of Monsanto in Córdoba and is part of the collective "Mothers of Ituzaingó", an organization created to report cases of death, cancer and malformations of fetuses caused by the fumigation of soy producers transgenic. For her, "Monsanto is death", "is a corporation that comes to steal the health of its children, that comes to bring the future of the country."

Internationally recognized for her fight in defense of the environment with the Goldman Prize (2012), Sofia says, in an interview with Brasil de Fato, that the corporation produces agrochemicals that are "fumigated on their children, on fruits, vegetables"; "It is they who control our food system. What we are demanding from the government is the right to choose what we eat and we want our farmers to have their native seeds, that they can pass them from hand to hand, without having to pay anything to anyone" .

Sofia Gatica's daughter died three days after she was born when her kidneys stopped working. "Just like me, other mothers also lost their children, with cancer, leukemia. The struggle of these mothers guaranteed important advances in the fight against GMOs and pesticides", and also against fumigations.

Brazil of Fato

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