Heller 1/48th F-84F Kit #80419

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This is one of two reasonably available 48th scale Thunderstreak kits; Monogram's is the other. I think, but don't know for sure, that the Monogram kit came first. Whichever, this Heller kit takes a slight back seat to the Monogram. I bought this kit "used" for $10.00; I don't know the going prices on the used kit market. I probably will not build this kit; I am building one of the RF-84F versions of this kit (it, like my Monogram F-84F is ready to paint), and the Monogram is enough better, I don't plan to go through the agony of "upgrading" this, and I don't want to build it "from the box."


Interestingly, the box typography indicates this kit is the "RF-84F Thunderstreak" while the box art is correct as an F-84F. Molded in silver plastic, raised panel lines, but much less discreet than the ones on the Monogram kit. Fit is good, moderate flash; detail in cockpit is only moderate, gear wells, speed brake wells, main landing gear and fairings detail is fairly good, but not quite as good as the Monogram parts. The nose gear strut is noticeably not as good as the equivalent part on the Monogram kit. My RF-84F version of this kit had only several small sink holes needing filled, but otherwise went together without a hitch; the parts on this set of sprues looks slightly better. The BIG issue with my RF-84F build was, I couldn't stomach the gross raised panel lines, so I got out the sanding stick and my engraving tool (from Bare-Metal Foil). Lots of patient work required to scribe the panel lines, but it surely looks better. Canopy is in one piece, where Mongram's is three pieces, and not as finely molded as Monogram's.

Kit dimensions are not measurably different than on Monogram, or from the drawings I enlarged from 1/72nd to 1/48th, so it appears to me to be within reason for dimensional accuracy. Panel lines deviate somewhat from the photos and drawings, but the deviation appears to be more in lack of precision than outright incorrect. UPDATE: See the Fuselage and Wing Comparison pages for more comments on the differences in the Heller and Monogram kits. Also, I have received comments from others that this Heller kit is more accurate for the "late" Thunderstreak, and the Monogram is more accurate for the "early" Thunderstreak. See the Monogram F-84F Review for more information.

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Heller F-84F Kit 80419 Box Art.

Heller F-84F Kit 80419 Box Decals.

Heller F-84F French Kit Box Art. Image courtesy of Guido Van Roy.

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I recommend the Monogram kit in favor of this one, as the Monogram kit is better by comparision, and is still somewhat reasonably available on the "used" kit market. If you have one of these, and don't mind either the raised panel lines and lack of cockpit detail, or the work to scribe the lines and add detail, it is otherwise a reasonable representation of the Thunderstreak.

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