Argentina - Seed Law: a new offensive against our people

Argentina - Seed Law: a new offensive against our people

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Repeating the show given in August 2012 when the then Minister of Agriculture Yahuar gave a press conference with the representative of Monsanto in Argentina to announce the modification of the Seed Law, the current Minister Buryaile has just sat down with the vice president of Monsanto for South America, Fernando Gianonni, to announce exactly the same.

This "important agreement for the use of technology" according to the same definitions of the Ministry has two central components:

The first is that the Ministry of Agriculture, through INASE, commits to Enforce the Law! Although this seems absurd, the current Seed Law allows the own use of the seed but does not authorize the sale or exchange of seeds that have a Breeder's Right. However, the Bolsa Blanca, so called because it deals with the market for the sale of seeds without identification, was the mechanism that Monsanto chose for transgenic soy to spread illegally in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay from its introduction in 1996 until the break of resistance in neighboring countries in 2003 and the founding of the United Republic of Soy. From there, Monsanto began to demand the change in the Seed Law. Today, the White Bag continues to be one of the main marketing channels for transgenic soybean, which affects Monsanto's profits. .

The second much more relevant component for our agriculture and food is the modification of the Seed Law, which, as we already mentioned, has been part of the corporate agenda (Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow, Basf and Dupont - Pionner) for more of a decade. "This year we will have a new Seed Law agreed between all the actors," said Minister Buryaile, repeating the phrase of the other Minister in 2012.

As different social and political sectors have been proposing for years, the modification of the current Seed Law (which already contains important elements of privatization of seeds) will imply a strong advance in the corporate control of our food system that has in agricultural seeds your starting point. Do not forget that a Law will not be made for soybeans but rather a Law for all seeds used in Argentina. Transnational seed companies have, for example, transgenic wheat ready, and are waiting for a law according to UPOV 91 to launch them on the market.

There is no doubt that the project will contain elements to prevent the so-called “own use” of seeds, limiting the possibility of “saving seed” for the next harvest, a basic right of farmers that is the foundation of all agriculture. Far from being interested in the commercial dispute between Argentine soybeans and large corporations, we repudiate the modification of the Seed Law because it will not only intensify the looting model of Argentine agribusiness but will also open the doors for the expropriation and privatization of the agricultural and wild biodiversity of Argentina and will strengthen a police system to ensure compliance with this law.

This project will also be a fatal blow for the multiple experiences based on Agroecology (productive and self-consumption) that represent the starting point for the necessary transformations in our country.

All these elements were present in the drafts that were prepared in recent years from the desks of the Ministry and that we were able to analyze from leaks, since they were never made public from the Government. They are also present in the Bill recently presented by Massismo to Congress trying to take the lead against Cambiemos.

Today, in the face of a corporate advance in which it is the same "owners" of the large corporations who exercise power and occupy the different Ministries, it is necessary to achieve a broad agreement of all social sectors committed to Food Sovereignty and defense of Human Rights, of an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist economy and in harmony with the nature of our people to stop this Law. We make a call to give this fight from unity and mobilization in all spaces: trade unions, intellectuals, environmentalists, politicians , media, etc.

The seeds are a Heritage of the Peoples at the Service of Humanity!

That is why we say to the National Government and to all our legislators:





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