Pharmaceutical dependency. In whose hands is our health?

Pharmaceutical dependency. In whose hands is our health?

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The lack of international supply of pertussis vaccines affects the pentavalent and trivalent doses used for other diseases in the childhood vaccination schedule, according to the Interterritorial Council of the Spanish National Health System.

Over the past year, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), one of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for its production, also struggled to provide vaccines against meningitis. "This situation is due to the high demand and in no case to problems with the manufacture of the vaccine," explained GSK. This vaccine was owned by Novartis, but after the agreement between the two companies, GSK owned the product.

Alfonso Alonso, Spanish Minister of Health, allowed the vaccine to be marketed in pharmacies in 2014, the fear of parents of contagion from their children caused them to run out at points of sale. Until now, injections were given in hospitals and for people included in risk groups, four doses are needed and each one costs more than 100 euros. Allowing the market to enter health systems promotes competition between public and private providers, instead of meeting the health needs of patients, a new business area opens.

Some pharmaceutical companies use propaganda and fallacies about their products to create needs, even when some cause harmful effects on health such as cardiovascular or hematological problems and the possibility of creating addiction due to their consumption. A private sector that competes with legal backing against the public sector.

The consequences of the race for management have increased inequality and the difficulty of access to medicines and treatments, people who must adapt to the interests and rhythms of power groups. The ideology projected from an economic system in which exchange value predominates instead of use value introduces new actors in a scenario that had the State as its protagonist.

By Claudia Brihuega Ortiz

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