The environmental effects of Brexit. The UK's exit from the EU

The environmental effects of Brexit. The UK's exit from the EU

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By José Carlos Díaz Zanelli

One of the most controversial news in geopolitical matters in recent years took place last Thursday. This is the Brexit referendum that has concluded with the withdrawal of the countries of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar) from the European Union.

This, although few stop to mention it, will have significant impacts on the environmental policies that all of Europe had assumed in recent years. The first of these will be the rethinking of the results of the agreement signed in 2015 in Paris that included the British countries in terms of reducing gas emissions.

As it is recalled, in the so-called Paris Agreement, the British countries were included as part of the European nations committed to reducing their emissions by 40%. As these countries are outside the European Union, the commitment they made as part of this bloc is also dissolved.

British leaders in emission reduction

But not only the agreements of the last COP 21 will be affected. And it is that from civil society, the British countries were seen as the leaders in the fight to reduce emissions. It should be remembered that England in particular was the promoter of the creation of the European Green Growth Group, which proposed to seek sustainable alternatives for economic growth.

“Today is a bad day for the European Union and for the environment. The enormous environmental challenges facing humanity are global, and what we need the least now are more borders ”, declared WWE Spain Secretary General Juan Carlos del Olmo, consulted on the results of Brexit.

At the moment, uncertainty remains in the countries of the United Kingdom and with it about the environmental commitments that they had assumed in Europe.


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