They suggest adapting the calendar of tourist activity to climate change

They suggest adapting the calendar of tourist activity to climate change

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The effects of climate change will make it necessary to adapt the calendar of tourist activity to future meteorological conditions to take advantage of new opportunities in the vacation sector.

This was explained today at the conference "Climate, climate change and tourist activity", which was held in Benidorm, organized by the Pedro Zaragoza Chair of Tourism Studies of the University of Alicante (UA), in collaboration with the City Council, the Tourist Board and the Hosbec hotel association.

The coordinator of the meeting, the professor of Regional Geographic Analysis of the UA Jorge Olcina, has specified that one of the most significant incidents in the province of Alicante in the coming decades will be "the loss of climatic comfort as a consequence of high temperatures and humidity".

Olcina has stated that, at the same time, this will encourage "the high season to extend into spring and autumn."

For this reason, he has advocated "a deep reflection" that includes businessmen, administrations and universities to "reorient the market and promotion, because this area will be one of the most sensitive."

However, the UA professor has fled alarmist messages, underlining that "there is time to act", but, for this, he pointed out, it is "essential" to get "a good diagnosis of how the situation is to schedule actions that allow them to adapt to changes ”.

Olcina has considered that, "in principle, there is no risk" of losing tourists on the coast of the Costa Blanca, although he has opined that "at times" this area may be less attractive due to the high temperatures and prolonged heat waves.

Climate change causes

This expert has coincided with the director of the Laboratory of Climatology of the University of Barcelona, ​​Javier Martín Vide, who has also intervened in the conference, in the causes that have motivated climate change: mainly, the emission of greenhouse gases of nature human.

The two speakers have broken down some recommendations to the tourism sector to face the effects of climate change.

In this regard, they have suggested adapting the period of tourist activities to the climatic calendar.

Martín Vide has also considered it necessary to diversify the offer, as well as undertake a better preparation for the increased risk of fires and promote measures to save water, energy efficiency, sustainability of the facilities, and reduce and manage waste.

Water resources

For his part, the head of the Evaluation Area of ​​the State Meteorological Agency, Ernesto Rodríguez, has calculated that the Mediterranean basin will register a reduction of twenty or thirty percent in water resources in the coming years, which will entail a loss of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, among other consequences.

Rodríguez has analyzed the influence of tourism on climate change, of which he has said that it accounts for 5% of global CO2 emissions, especially from air transport and hospitality in the second place.

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