Mini portable toilet that smells like flowers and generates fertilizer

Mini portable toilet that smells like flowers and generates fertilizer

"We have worked hard to learn how to use two types of waste that until now were useless to produce anything: hay and urine," the designers, Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot, clarified in an interview.

The first step was to invent a funnel for urine. It is so small that "it can be sent by post," the creators of Uritonnoir claimed. Said element is inserted into a bundle of hay, which absorbs the liquid like a sponge. This simple construction can be used both during festivals and in private gardens.

"It is a gardener's tool," explained the Gauls. "The gardener urinates in a bundle of hay and then recycles it as a pile of compost, which the following year will serve as fertilizer for legumes," they added.

Apart from their use in the field, the Uritonnoires are indispensable in "certain abandoned areas of the city". Massip and Lebot even tried to make a kind of map of the most suitable areas to install their 'masterpiece' there.

The Gallic mini urinals attract the interest of the general public, although the flowers that crown them are a bit ‘kitsch’.

"The flowers serve to show that there is unused volume at the top. You could put a box with evergreen plants, such as lavender or sage, there. It would be beautiful and also highlight that we use 'closed circle' technologies. That is, urine plus hay, equal to compost heap, "they added.

"Once ready, the compost can be used in the flower boxes. The circle is complete," concluded the ingenious creators.

The price has not been announced yet, but Massip and Lebot hope it will not exceed 1,000 euros. Unfortunately, as the designers emphasized, their production will be useful only to men.

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