F-84E Thunderjet and F-84F Thunderstreak

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These F-84E and F-84F decals do not have any recommendation for any particular kit. My inspection leads me to conclude it was intended for the Heller kits, but it appears the F-84E decals from the sheet could also be used on the new Tamiya 72nd scale F-84G (if the kit were backdated, of course). My thanks to Larry Weinstock who loaned me this decal sheet for review.


This sheet from Decals Carpena J.F., made in France, is for four aircraft. Decals for one F-84E are F-84E-30RE, FS-657-B, #51-657, 9 FBS 49 FBW, Taegu, Korea, pilot Capt Kenneth L. Skeen,as the aircraft appeared on 19 Sept. 1951 as having one MiG kill. Decals for three F-84Fs are supplied. They are (1) Belgium -- F-84F-56RE 055 (FU-55), #52-10521, 2° Escadrille "Comātes", Florennes AB, pilot Major Marette, Aerobatic Demonstration pilot 2° wing; (2) France -- F-84F-51GK, 1-PF, #52-9102, Escadron de Chasse 1/1 "Corse", BA 113 Saint-Dizier-Robinson AB, used during the Suez Canal crisis, 1956, based at Lydda, Israel; (3) Germany -- F-84F-81RE, DF-376, #53-7189, 363 Staffel, Jagdbombergeschwader Jabo G36, Furstenfeldbruck AB, 1965.
A very colorful assortment of F-84 choices are on this sheet. I could not find anything printed out of register, and all type and edges were cleanly printed. My only criticism is the "too fat" access panel data decals on the otherwise outstanding decal sheet.

Decals Carpena decal sheet

Decals Carpena 72/26 decal sheet

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