F-84F Thunderstreaks in Belgium

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Daco Products has released this set of decals, presumably for the 1/48th scale Heller F-84F kit, for Thunderstreaks in the various schemes used in Belgium. These decals are the "Squadrdon Colour Schemes" markings and are intended to be used in conjunction with Daco Products decal sheets D4831 ("Bare Metal" schemes), D4832 ("NATO" Schemes), or D4833 ("Vietnam" schemes), as may be pertinent to the subject being modeled. The same subjects are available for 72nd scale on sheet D7231. My thanks to Danny Coremans of Daco Products for supplying this decal sheet for review on this site.


This is a one-sheet decals set that has a variety of squadron-colors markings for the F-84F only; there are no markings for any RF-84F aircraft. The subjects of the sheet are implied, from the artwork, to be Bare Metal schemes for FU-99 (RA-U) of 27 Sqn, FU-193 (Z6-R) of 23 Sqn, FU-128 (8S-E) of 23 Sqn, NATO schemes for FU-60 (RA-T) of 27 Sqn, FU-143 (8S-Y) of 31 Sqn, FU-85 (085) Sqn not listed, FU-32 (YL-K) of 3Sqn, and Demo aircraft schemes for FU-55 (055) in 1965, FU-52 (052) in 1966, and FU-58 (058) in 1967. This sheet has only the tail codes as used on FU-58 in 1967, but no other nose, tail, or serial codes. Those are available as generic numbers on sheets D4834 and D4836 or D7234 and D7236 for 48th and 72nd scale respectively to enable the modeler to create any number in the FU- or FR- series. Also, the sheet hints that other aircraft numbers are appropriate to model as it states "Thunderstreaks FU-181 till FU-197 are equipped with a shorter type of tail (30 cm shorter)." The Heller F-84F kit has a shorter tail than does the Monogram kit. However, there are other substantial differences in the kits, so I make no claims as to which is correct to use for these various subjects.

These are exceptional decals. They are as finely printed as any I've seen. I recently bought four of the 48th scale Heller F- and RF-84F kits, and, after I finish some of the current F-84 projects, I intend to use some of these decals, along with the Daco Products paints, to model one of these Belgian schemes.

The instruction sheet is provided in color with notes pertaining to the correct FS numbers for the paint schemes illustrated as used by Belgium. Three "NATO" scheme and four "Vietnam" scheme camouflage paints are also available from Daco; they are reviewed on the Daco Products Paints Page.

Daco F-84F Squadron Colours Decal Sheet

Daco Products' "Squadron Colours" decal sheet for F-84F aircraft that served in Belgium.

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I consider these Daco Products decals to be among the best I've seen and I consider these fairly priced at $11.50.

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