RF-84F/K Michigan ANG Thunderflash 1960-1970

Retail price: $5.50

No kit is specified for this decal sheet, but since only Heller has released an RF-84F -- a kit that is relatively easy to modify to "K" specs -- in 1/48th scale, it would be redundant to specify a particular kit. Experts Choice decal sheets are also identified as being "A BARE-METAL DECAL" marketed by Bare Metal Foil Co. This is their first F-84 sheet, released in 1982.


These Experts Choice decals from Bare Metal Foil are in 1/48th scale, and may be used to model a number of different aircraft, although four (to be more precise, three, with one of the three represented it two different schemes) are specific to the sheet. These are:
RF-84F-30-RE #52-7409, 127th TRG/107th TRS, natural metel, 1964;
same aircraft, camouflaged version, 1970;
RF-84F-26-RE #52-7354, 191st TRG/171st TRS, gray paint, 1966;
RF-84K-20-RE #52-7254, 127th TRG/107th TRS, natural metal, 1960.
According to the instruction sheet, aircraft #52-7354 was painted gray because of a corrosion problem, and was known as "Old Gray Ghost."
There are two sheets provided. One is the "main" sheet, and the other is a small "addendum" sheet with the white ANG markings apparently missed on the main sheet.

Experts Choice RF-84F/K Michigan ANG Decals

Experts Choice ANG F-84Es in Korea decal sheet set.

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This Experts Choice decal set is priced at $5.50 for one sheets plus the "correction" addendum sheet. Good quality, not as complete as later Experts Choice offerings.

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