"What makes you happy?": The responses of the girls in Burkina Faso will make a lump in your throat

The Friends of Rimkieta Foundation, which helps the most defenseless in Rimkieta, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, held a personalized talk this March with each of the 20 girls from the fourth class of the project of 'Training of out-of-school girls'. The conversations revolved around this question: "What makes you happy?"

"I am happy when I can eat 3 times a day", respond Collete and Larissa, 8 and 11 years old respectively. "What makes me happy is being able to eat salad sometime," says 8-year-old Bintou. "When they give me a doll to play for a while, I'm happy," says 8-year-old Saibata. "What makes me happy is being able to go to school and have school supplies to study," says 10-year-old Julienne. "Being the first in class and being given a notebook to do my homework (homework) makes me happy," replies Latifatou, 9 years old.

"Most of these responses are on another plane, in that of needs so elementary that it does not occur to us that they are the answers that would be given in our society," the organization writes on its blog.

The Foundation also raised the question "What makes you sad?" and the most recurrent answer (10 of the 20 girls) was the following: "I get sad when they hit me at home." "Hunger", "When my grandmother can't buy me breakfast" or "When I get bad grades" were other answers.

In relation to the remedy that the minors use to put an end to this sadness, "work well at school", "obey at home" and "do the household chores that they ask of me so that they do not get angry with me and thus not hit me" , were some of the solutions.

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