City of Haifa eliminates dangerous risk of Wi-Fi in schools

City of Haifa eliminates dangerous risk of Wi-Fi in schools

By Alfred Tittman

Exactly with more than 52 schools, many kindergartens and another 33 secondary schools and others.

In Israel, more than 800,000 people suffer electrosensitivity, 10% of the population and most do not know it.

Haifa is a large city with more than 270,000 inhabitants, its name that means beautiful beach, it is one of the most technologically advanced cities, this together with the fact that its inhabitants enjoy a good quality of life, I am surprised that measures are taken so surprising for everyone, some for the synthetics who put their hands on their heads to disconnect the wifi, and for those of us who fight for the precautionary principle not to think twice, as its mayor Yona Yahav said “What if there is doubts about the safety of Wi-Fi for our young people, we eliminate that doubt ".

It seems brave and brutal to me that a municipal leader takes precautionary measures of this magnitude.

This will be talked about but as always it does not appear in the first division since this type of news does not interest the lobbies. "We continue to live in simulated journalistic freedom"

My question if the information reached the general public with the information and studies on the problems that Wi-Fi gives.

Would you leave your children at school with wifi?

It began with a 30-minute television documentary on the hypersensitivity epidemic, which was sent last Tuesday on television to have primetime 9 a.m. night the highest viewing rate of the day.

The name "How do we kill ourselves - radiation waves", which was chosen for documentation, leaves no doubt.

I can only say one thing Congratulations Haifa, a disconnected environmental toxin !!!


Video: Health Dangers of WiFi in Schools (July 2021).