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By Mauricio Castaño H.

The civilization that was imposed on us was that of the ax and the machete that fell the mountain to colonize and say this is mine and that is yours. The wild, they make us believe, are those words of mother earth, mother nature, cosmic balances. None of that, what is worth is the noisy machines that smoke. The square meter of cement is the unit of measurement that gives the value, dreamers and eccentrics who are thinking that the clean slate should be given according to the biodiverse space that offers healthy conditions, free of puffs of smoke that end in your lungs and finally accelerate your death. These are issues of quality, life-friendly conditions that we hope will prevail sooner rather than later.

We do not want to seem complaining, much less nostalgic for worlds that are already gone, nor do we long for the times of the only cocks, we say, we insist, the comforts make life easier and more pleasant, but we like to combine the word responsibility with the biodiverse planet which we depend on to live. This crazy race of exploitation, of removing the last drop of oil on the planet, to ignite the last logs of wood, to cook the last living rat on the ground, will put us back to those times of the nascent humanity, but with the difference of an exhausted planet. To the urban planners, the builders, the leaders, we will all thank them for having pushed us to the infernal slaughterhouse.

We are in time to stop along the way, to recognize ourselves for what we are. To César what belongs to César, and to Isabel and Fernando the genocide of these lands 500 years ago. Other life patterns are waiting to be adopted that would stop this mad rush of predation. That these networks of small green spaces to cool the cities that are rather large and abundant.

These days, in the face of that wave, that fever of felling or cutting down trees, I wanted to call this Arboricides, because it already seems a custom, a justifying speech, that there must be logging, but it seems to us a trick speech, and better yet, forgive the strong term, hypocritical, because they claim generalized disease of more than eighty percent of the existing trees, for example, in the city of Medellín. The malicious thing is that such an epidemic has no reason to be in entities that are environmentalists, it seems to us rather that they do the favor to the builders and leaders, all of them the same businessmen thing that they are, to cut down forests and vegetation, and behind the ostentatious machines that will clean and then cement, and in the end, it all comes down to the profits of those few at the cost of fucking this increasingly polluted air habitat. The call for good sense is worth it, and better still, for the citizens to stop this crazy race of these unscrupulous predators.


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