F-84E/G Thunderjet

Retail price: $16.95

The Tamiya F-84G, being the current definitive 1/48th scale kit of the subject, is a worthy subject for after-market detail sets. Cutting Edge has produced a resin super detail set for the Tamiya kit, which includes most parts needed for either an E or a G version to be modeled.


The resin parts in this super detail set are as good as it gets so far as detail and quality of casting. I found only an inconsistancy in the casting of the slotted speed brake where one of the slots is vacant (see through) and the other three are not. Some of the parts are small, thin, and delicate, so require gentle handling as I found out when I broke the details off the top of the ejection seat. This was before I took the photos, so guess who bought a second set! There were a variety of gunsights and associated instruments used on the E and G Thunderjets, and this set includes those parts, so the modeler can chose the appropriate set for the aircraft being modeled -- presuming one can find any photo or documentation to support the choice.

This set includes parts for:
Cockpit tub
Rudder pedals
Instrument panel
Slotted speed brake
Alternate gunsights and associated panels,
including Mk 18, A-1CM, A-4 Early, and A-4 Late
Auxiliary inlet door inserts to backdate to F-84E
Seat head armor
Auxiliary control panel
Canopy equipment shelf
Canopy fuselage plug

Significantly missing is a part to convert the G-model round tailpipe to the E-model oval tailpipe. See the page on how to cast this part. Also, I have conflicting information about whether the E, or some of them, were equiped with the early style ejection seat. This set has only the late style, so in any case, the option is not provided. If you feel you have to have one, you can always scratch build one. See the page on how to scratch build the early style seat.

The only "hedges" I have with this detail set is the omission of the tailpipe conversion and the purchase price, not that it isn't worth the price. It comes down to how badly the modeler wants to super detail the plane. By the time one gets the kit at nearly $30, then this set plus an Eduard photoetched set and aftermarket decals, it all puts the cost of parts alone near the $70 mark. If that's not a problem, then get this set. Also, if you want to backdate to the E-model and have it right, you have the tailpipe change to consider, and that part is not available as an aftermarket item at this time, nor is it correct on any kit. Therefore, if you want the oval tailpipe, it is "cast your own part" time.

Addendum: A problem with this set was brought to my attention by another modeler. The ejection seat rails are molded into the back of the cockpit rather than gluing to or being a part of the ejection seat itself. Compare this to the Tamiya kit seat and rails where the rails glue to the back of the seat. The angle of the rails in this set does not match the angle of the seat back so the rails do not correctly line up with the back of the seat. Therefore, they prevent the seat from sitting back in the cockpit as far as it should. Admittedly, this is not particularly visible on the assembled seat, but it adds to the frustration of getting the parts to fit correctly.

Another Addendum: It turns out the ejection seat is also too "high" to fit properly into the cockpit tub and allow the canopy to be closed. This problem is discussed in more depth at the Seat Comparison Page. Also see the other kit parts comparison pages for more information on how this set compares to the details in the Tamiya kit and to other detail sets available.

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Cockpit and ejection seat from Cutting Edge's resin super detail set.

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Instrument panel and options including alternate gun sights, inside and outside of the slotted speed brake, under canopy parts, and auxiliary inlet covers.

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This Cutting Edge resin super detail set for the Tamiya F-84G is a good value priced at $16.95. Otherwise an excellent set, I have rated it at 9 out of 10 because of the too-big seat and for omission of a part needed to back date the G's round tailpipe to the E's oval tailpipe.

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