F-84G Thunderjet

Retail price: $16.95

This detail set by Teknics has a resin nose gear bay and gun bay floor, and cast metal parts for nose and main gear. The landing gear parts represent the mechanical shrink gear used on the Thunderjet D, E, and G-models. The parts may be used on any of the extant kits, but most likely you would use them on either the Tamiya or ProMod kits.


The resin parts in this super detail set are as good as it gets so far as quality of casting. However, the nose gear bay does not have the extent of detail as does the part from the Aires detail set. Also, the Aires part is cast in one piece with the gun bay floor, and additionally has a nice fairing for the bottom of the intake duct which helps clean up the otherwise poorly done intake ducts on both the Tamiya and ProMod kits. In contrast, this set has those parts cast separately, and the intake duct fairing is not present (i.e., just as the kit parts are molded). Because the nose gear bay is a separate part, it has excess pour on the top which must be removed in order to install the gun bay floor; this must be done because the gun bay floor also forms the upper part of the intake ducts. Altogether, in my opinion, the Aires part is preferable. On the plus side, this Teknics nose gear bay has the gear door hinges molded in place -- the Aires set does not -- so the nose gear doors from the Tamiya kit will be much easier to mount to the Teknics part. As ProMod has the nose doors, hinges, and gear bay molded in one piece, their parts could be cut off with or without hinges as needed for use with either set.

The cast metal landing gear parts appear to be brass. They are reasonably detailed, but suffer somewhat from the usual surface "waves" I have seen on most cast metal parts from any manufacturer. They are more smooth than most, but still not as clean as comparable good resin-cast parts, such as the resin nose gear parts with the Aires detail set. These Teknics parts include the hydraulic lines and a fair amount of other details, and there is little or no flash present. With some careful cleanup, these landing gear parts are good a addition to any 1/48th scale D, E, or G Thunderjet model.

In summary, I prefer the Aires nose gear well to this one, and although the metal landing gear set is quite nice, the price is pretty steep if one only uses the landing gear parts.

Nose gear bay (resin) and landing gear (metal) parts from Teknics' detail set.

Nose gear bay (resin) and landing gear (metal) parts from Teknics' detail set.

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This Teknics resin and metal detail set for any "late" F-84 is only a fair value priced at $16.95 if all the parts are used, and soars into the expensive if only the landing gears is used.

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