F-84G Thunderjet

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True Details brought the Fast Frames product line to the market, and has now expanded their line to include Fast Mask products. While their Fast Frames products are supplied in white vinyl to be painted by the modeler, this Fast Mask product for the ProMod 1/48th F-84G consists of a yellow flexible adhesive-backed vinyl material that is pre-cut for masking the canopies and wheels.


Precut masks are provided for the ProMod Thunderjet canopy, windscreen, and wheels. The four-steps instruction sheet which accompanies the masks is basic and to the point about how to apply the masking sheets to the kit parts in preparation for painting. Application is straight forward with only normal care required to be sure the masks are alligned correctly, and reasonable care not to stretch the flexible material.

In summary, I am in the habit of using a liquid latex rubber called Mold Builder to do my masking. I found the time to apply these precut masks to be not much less than the time I take to apply the Mold Builder. These work, and they work well, but considering the cost of each vs. the time to apply each, in the future, I'll stick with the Mold Builder for those times when masking is appropriate. But masking is not the only consideration when modeling the Thunderjet canopy bracing tapes, as paint does not correctly represent the way the tapes appear on real aircraft. I use white or light grey decal strips applied in the order shown to correctly represent the canopy bracing tapes. Cutting and applying the decals requires patience and care, but, in my opinion, does not require more modeling skill than any masking method. Therefore, I recommend the "decal" method as detailed on the Canopy Page of the Tamiya Kit Review. Also, no matter the method used to model the bracing tapes on the ProMod kit, there is no need to remove the two portions of incorrect bracing as on the Tamiya kit.

True Details True Mask pre-cut mask for ProModeler F-84G.

True Details True Mask pre-cut mask for ProModeler F-84G.

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The True Details masking sets work great, and is more reasonably priced than the Cutting Edge set for the Tamiya kit. On the other hand, other masking methods are a good alternative, and I still consider the "decal" method to be the best representation of the canopy bracing tapes.

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