The social headera, a solidarity idea that spreads

The social headera, a solidarity idea that spreads

The idea is simple. A refrigerator accessible to the community, in these cases in gastronomic establishments, which is filled with food that is not consumed during the day and that can be taken by those who need it most.

In Cipolletti, the Restaurant “La Nonnina” decided to join the solidarity refrigerator and not throw away the food that its place does not sell. Therefore, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 15 hours a business employee will be ready at the entrance to provide the food.

Also in Sáenz Peña, the owners of the Horeb supermarket located in front of the hospital announced on Women's Day that Chaco already has the first social refrigerator.

From the hand of Gustavo Baravalle it begins to become a reality in San Salvador, the capital of Jujuy. They are still adjusting details for the launch and can be consulted on the facebook page "Heladera Social Jujuy". Baravalle himself asked the neighbors for help, convinced that the hunger of the people of Jujuy could disappear.

The proposal that emerged less than a month ago in Tucumán and that revolutionized all of Argentina has already infected many gastronomic venues who decided to stop looking the other way, stop throwing away the food that was not sold and join the cause that seeks to mitigate the hunger in society.

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