The European Plan against trade in wild animals and plants is approved

The European Plan against trade in wild animals and plants is approved

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The European Commission approved the European Union Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking, a document in which the National Association for the Defense of Animals has participated as a member of Eurogroup for Animals, advising the Commission on priority points on which it is based: prevention, appropriate measures for proper application and international cooperation.

The illegal trade in wild fauna and flora has increased exponentially in recent years, attracting the participation of organized criminal networks that see in it a business with low risk and a high return on investment.

As a result, it is affecting the conservation of animal species and ecological integrity, and jeopardizing the economic and political stability of many regions. More than 20,000 elephants and 1,200 rhinos died in 2014 as a result of the illicit trade in ivory and horns respectively, and their populations are increasingly in decline.

Given the role that EU Member States play as transit points and main destinations for these products, and the Union's influential role on the international scene, ANDA has advocated giving high priority to the development and implementation of an action plan European to end this business.

Alberto Díez, director of the NGO, considers that this decision "will allow the European Union to dedicate sufficient resources and attention to a central problem of its foreign policy, which affects the conservation of biodiversity, sustainable development, peace and security. ".

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