An ocelot reappears, the feline that was believed extinct ten years ago in Argentina

An ocelot reappears, the feline that was believed extinct ten years ago in Argentina

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The CLT organization works together with the government of Corrientes to recover the flora and fauna of the Esteros del Iberá, an extensive wetland that covers between 15,000 and 25,000 square kilometers where the island of San Alonso is located, the place where the animal was found.

The finding was made thanks to photographs recorded by “trap” cameras, which were then analyzed by biologists from the Institute of Subtropical Biology of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), who confirmed that it was an ocelot specimen.

"The ocelot is a medium-sized wild feline that lives in America, whose original distribution range was from the southern United States to central Argentina," explained Sebastián di Martino, coordinator of species reintroduction programs at Conservation Land Trust.

The expert described the animal as "a cat with elongated, ocellated spots, with a black edge and with a reddish-brown color inside."

"Like almost all felines, they are difficult to see with the naked eye, but are registered through tracks or by the presence of hair or feces," he added, and explained that "in this case the finding is more entertaining" because He has taken a photo that confirms the presence of the animal.

In the past, he noted, it was a "highly persecuted" species for the value of its fur, which was sold to make coats.

Another problem that contributed to the disappearance of the ocelot in Corrientes was "habitat destruction."

Found by chance

From the way they found it, "by chance" while working on tracking giant anteaters successfully reinserted into Iberá, the researchers hope that it is not a single individual.

"What we hope is that this individual is not just one, but that there are others that allow the species to reproduce in that place, and that it is not only a remnant of a population that has become extinct", concluded Di Martino.


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