Those "bugs" matter too


By Marina Ortiz Mingot

There are harmful arthropods, such as those that transmit diseases or those that form pests, and beneficial ones. There are different fields in which this species helps us; in the diet we find crustaceans and some insects depending on the country that consumes them. Also useful in medicine, the honey produced by bees is considered a treatment for wounds and some ailments, as well as the blood of the horseshoe crab that is sometimes used to test the safety of antibiotics. Another benefit of arthropods is the control of pests, although they are also the cause of them, they take care of maintaining a balance, like spiders, which hunt other insects. Pollination is another good that they provide us, this process is transcendental for the reproduction of the plant kingdom from which we also obtain numerous benefits.

In the judicial field, the intervention of arthropods is essential: forensic entomologists use them at the crime scene to discover important information. The presence or absence of certain insects is used to determine the time and location of a death.

Arthropods are important in our life since without them, as without any other living being, the life cycle would be broken and it would be difficult to maintain our existence. Despite this, society is little aware of this importance. In many cultures the reaction to these beings is rejection and disgust, the most common is that as soon as a bug is found anywhere, causes fear or wants to kill, there are even phobias related to them. It is not a fact that because we humans kill a fly, arthropods will become extinct, but they are also animals and deserve to be given the importance they really have and respect for their existence.

Taking the words of the entomologist WJ Holland, “… when cities have long died and turned to dust, still, on a fragment of lichen that grows on the bare rocks near the eternal snows of Panama, will be found a tiny insect, moving its antennae in the weak light of the spent sun, a melancholic animal that will represent the only remaining life on Earth ”.


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