The largest ecological Christmas tree in Colombia

The largest ecological Christmas tree in Colombia

One of the objectives set in the campaign is to build the largest tree in Colombia in recyclable materials, such as the ecological manger.

For the construction of this Christmas tree, which is more than 18 meters high and 4 meters wide, an average of 8 thousand plastic bottles were used that were contributed by the community along with recyclable material such as cardboard boxes, newspaper. , plastic caps, natural glue and egg cartons.

Likewise, the Police, with the help of the community, took turns so that the construction of the images of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, the child Jesus, the three Wise Men, the sheep, houses, among others, remained as if they were real.

At the moment hundreds of inhabitants of that municipality and tourists come to the Sardinata Police Station to look at the ecological Christmas tree, which they consider "a work of art", since it is the first time that it is carried out in that municipality. in recyclable material.

Finally, the National Police invited the Northeast community to join in these activities to sow the Christmas spirit in children and adolescents.


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