The Amazon in danger

The Amazon in danger

By Gonzalo López Menéndez

Thousands of trees die every day due to the irresponsible action of human beings. As a consequence, the air quality, the water cycle, the rain balance, the rhythm of the marine currents worsen, and the melting of the poles accelerates. We not only worsen the conditions of flora and fauna, but also that of the human being. As Carl Jung said "man is the only thing we have to fear on this planet."

The last decades have established an economic model based on the search for maximum profit, without taking into account the sustainability of the environment. Uncontrolled exploitation is the great threat to the Amazon rainforest, for which it uses poverty, extortion, slavery and misappropriations.

The so-called “world king of soy”, Blairo Maggi, former Brazilian governor, was the most notorious case among multinationals, becoming one of the greatest fortunes in the world.

The large multinationals profit thanks to the insufficient measures that protect the Amazon, among other reasons because Brazil did not have a government plan against deforestation until 2004. Although by then the Maggi group was already pocketing 2,400 million annually.

Indiscriminate logging has very negative effects on the fauna and flora of the ecosystem. However, the great enemy of biodiversity is not only chainsaws, but climate change. The Stern report (United Kingdom 2006) showed that climate change is a fact, that it is promoted and accelerated by humans.

At the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris (COP21), heads of state from around the world met to test the solidarity, responsibility and commitment to climate change of more than 190 countries. It was a historic opportunity to move from words to deeds and determine whether or not to fight against the symptoms suffered by both the Amazon and our planet and decide whether the inheritance of our parents will be the legacy of our children.


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