Some 50 years ago, the Thunderjet was just coming into service with the United States Air Force. Even then, Flying magazine was in its 44th year. The cover feature for Flying, March 1949, Volume 44, Number 3, was an article entitled "How to fly the Thunderjet," and featured an article by the editors who "have huddled with five ace Republic Aviation Corporation test pilots to prepare this story of a typical flight in a Republic F-84 (Thunderjet), currently in service with the three major Air Force commands." The pilots interviewed included Carl Bellinger, Oscar Haas, Pete Collins, Jack Bade, and John McGuyrt. Evidently, the feature was in preparation during the transition from "P" to "F" as the text references the "F-84" while the photos show aircraft with the "PS-nnn" designations. The article consists of 5-1/3 pages including 26 black and white photos with captions, and a total of about 2/3 page of descriptive text. The cover of the magazine features a publicity photo from Republic showing F-84B aircraft #46-652 (PS-652) and #46-653 (PS-653). The lead photo of the article shows PS-653 along with P-84C #47-1508 (PS-508), and P-84C #47-1525 (PS-525) appears in the background of another photo. The aircraft prominently featured in the article is PS-508. The photos and captions in the article describe, in 22 steps, the entire procedure for flight from pre-flight check to touchdown. There are a number of detail photos of the cockpit, instrument panel and consoles, ground equipment and personnel, and, of course, of the aircraft in takeoff, flight, and landing. Altogether, this article is quite an interesting flashback for Thunderjet history and details.

Cover of March 1949

Cover of March 1949 Flying
This issue featured the F-84

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