100% solar energy will supply Google in Chile

100% solar energy will supply Google in Chile

By Juan J. Alcolado

Acciona signs an agreement with Google to supply solar energy from the already started solar plant that is located on 280 hectares in the municipality of Vallenar, in the Atacama Region.

The commissioning of El Romero Solar will allow up to 80 MW to be injected into the Central Interconnected System, feeding 100% of the operations of Google's operational center.

The amount of the project amounts to 343 million U $ D, with a projected installation of 196 MW nominal and up to 247 MWp of maximum power that will generate about 500 gigawatts / hour annually, avoiding the emission of 473,000 tons of CO2.

Sam Arons, Google's Energy and Infrastructure Manager, explains El Romero's role in Google's overall strategy: "We have signed a series of global agreements that almost double our renewable energy in the world, from 1.2 GW to 2 GW, and we are working to bring renewable energy to 100% of our operations.The El Romero project is central to this scheme: not only does it represent our first large-scale purchase of renewable energy in Latin America, but it is also one of our two first purchases of solar energy. And it will also allow us to feed our data center with renewable energy, derived entirely from the sun. "

For Acciona, the commitment represents an interesting addition to its client portfolio as well as consolidating its presence in the country, where it also has the Punta Palmeras wind farm in the Coquimbo region, equipped with 45 MW of power.

"Initiatives such as Google's make it possible to develop such ambitious renewable projects as 'El Romero Solar' and contribute decisively to ensure that clean energies occupy the place they deserve in a sustainable energy model for Chile and for the world," said José Ignacio Escobar , General Manager of ACCIONA Energía Chile.

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