The richest 10% of the population emits 50% of polluting gases

The richest 10% of the population emits 50% of polluting gases

The document, released during the Paris climate summit (COP21), contributes, according to its authors, to "dismantling the myth that the inhabitants of rapidly developing countries are the main responsible for climate change."

“Although emissions increase rapidly in developing countries, much of it derives from the production of goods that are consumed in others, which means that the emissions associated with the consumption habits of the citizens of those countries are much lower than the of their counterparts in the developed ones ”, he indicates.

The dossier shows the inequality in the production of emissions both between countries and within nations. Thus, it certifies that the average carbon footprint of the richest 1% of the world's population multiplies by 175 that of the poorest 10%, or that that of the poorest 50% in India is one twentieth of that of the poorest 50% of the US population.

“The wealthiest and the largest emitters must be held accountable for the emissions they generate, no matter where they live,” says Tim Gore, Oxfam's food and climate policy expert.

The specialist warns that “it is easy to forget that the economies that are developing more rapidly also host most of the poorest people in the world and that, although they must contribute fairly by reducing their emissions, it is the rich countries who must assume higher reduction targets ”.

The only people who would benefit from a less than ambitious deal in Paris, according to the NGO, would be "a group of billionaires who have made their fortune on fossil fuels."

The future pact should “mobilize resources to help the poorest and most vulnerable communities adapt to the effects of climate change,” concludes Oxfam, in an appeal in which it also calls for actions to combat it to respect human rights and equality. of genre.


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