COP21: Between the climate crisis and the Parisian terror

COP21: Between the climate crisis and the Parisian terror

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By Luis Hallazi *

Crimes that entangle, confuse and manipulate; crimes that bring reflections about social inequalities and western migration policies, crimes that in good account as a final result only kill.

Trying to reduce to a common pussycat, these crimes belong to both sides: those who call for a holy war in the name of the invention of an Islamist "State" and those who bombard those territories one week and provide weapons to them the other. terrorists. Both sides seem to be plagued by hypocritical discourse, incoherent in what they feel, say and do.

In the midst of this Parisian terror, representatives, officials and other clandestines from 195 countries are meeting to try to reach an agreement on the serious problems of global warming after two decades of lost attempts.

This could be the last chance in a long process that began in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 with the signing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

And from which, the conclusion was reached of the need to commit the most polluting powerful states, the emerging ones that try to emulate the former and those less industrialized and more vulnerable states to reduce emissions between 40% and 70% a world level that, according to the studies of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC), until 2100 would decrease to zero level, thus keeping the planet's temperature below the rise of the dreaded two degrees.

If we look at the background of each Conference of the Parties, COP, the hopes are bleak. In a brief account, the last meetings that were held in Latin American venues maintained a double discourse, which we seem to get used to, was the case of COP 16 in Cancun and the last COP 20 in Lima, where the Peruvian State before discussing the merits The matter seemed more concerned with participating in green business or seeking to attract tourists and investment at all costs.

While stumbling with a discourse of climate responsibility, on the other hand, it issued norms to make environmental controls more flexible (environmental and anti-indigenous packages).

COP 20 did not leave much, not even a great mobilization that generated pressure on the rulers to demand a true commitment and face the structural causes of climate change or, at least, the effects of these changes already manifest in a country with severe loss of glaciers, droughts and floods that makes us the third most vulnerable country in the world (Tydall Center Institute).

COP 21 is preceded by the worst of luck, which means weeks before having been the center of terror, the last reason that has led France to an uncertain war, which allows it to scatter more bombs without a specific objective, causing collateral damage and Massive exiles of a good part of innocents, deaths that will not be talked about for a long time, but also bombings that are one more cause that overheats and destroys the planet.

The hopes of reaching a just agreement with nature and with climate justice for the citizens who have already begun to suffer the heartbreaking effects of this climate crisis seem to be fading.

And it is that in the face of such a desolate landscape and with so few commitments signed so far, it is confirmed once again that, beyond a monetary issue, we are facing a matter of lack of political will, that lack of will simply translates into priority of governments is the unlimited growth of their economies at the cost of irreversible environmental damage.

As has been announced, there will not even be a space for mobilization, since, in the anxiety that surrounds the city, reinforced by the belligerence of its rulers, who allege that a peaceful mobilization would threaten the fragile security; They don't seem to understand that now, as very rarely, Paris really needs its people; of citizens from all over the world who take to the streets to demonstrate that climate change is also a form of violence, but also the opportunity to stand up to the fear and terror that is trying to take over Paris and the planet.

* Luis Hallazi, is a lawyer and political scientist, researcher in human rights, contact: [email protected]


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