Properties and benefits of Horsetail

Properties and benefits of Horsetail

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Horsetail is one of the most used medicinal herbs in the world, and it is no coincidence, since this plant provides a significant number of benefits and properties that can help us overcome many ailments and discomforts.

Benefits and medicinal properties of Horsetail

This plant, very rich in minerals such as silicon and potassium, as well as some very beneficial active components for the body such as saponids, flavonoids and alkaloids. One of the main uses of Horsetail is undoubtedly as an organic and natural diuretic, helping the correct elimination of fluids, being also positive for treating other related conditions such as urinary infections, cystitis, kidney stones and others.

For those interested in losing some weight and losing a couple of sizes, horsetail can serve as one more tool in this process, added to a healthy diet and an optimal physical activity routine, this plant helps reduce accumulation of fluids in the body and the satisfactory elimination of toxins in the body, accelerating the process necessary to start losing weight.

This plant, when boiled, has been used for several generations to treat inflamed and sore tendons, perfect for high-profile athletes who push their ligaments to the limit, such as tennis players, dancers, gymnasts, etc.

It has also been used successfully as a method to control bleeding, as this herb has astringent capabilities, which help contract tissues and help speed up the healing process.

Now, horsetail has become especially popular for its direct benefits to the skin, which is greatly benefited thanks to the high concentrations of silicon and other vitamins, which help to recover and strengthen the cells that make up the tissue of the dermis, preventing diseases related to the skin, such as irritations, sensitivity, among others.

The scalp and hair can be strengthened with Horsetail, being able to increase hair growth, nourish it and invigorate it, which is why it has become popular among women, who tend to appreciate these properties much more.

Contraindications of Horsetail

It is important to emphasize that Horsetail, however beneficial it may be, always bear in mind that excess can have negative results in our body. It is recommended not to use this herb for more than 6 weeks and as always, be guided by a health professional. Always consult your family doctor.


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