F-84 THUNDERJET in detail
Vol. Number 59
ISBN 1-888974-12-5

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For many years, when it came to press time and media space, the F-84 Thunderjet was overshadowed by the Thunderstreak and Thunderflash, but even more so, by the F-86. Copyrighted in 1999, this book is strictly dedicated to the Thunderjet, and is an excellent modeler's reference.


F84 Thunderjet in detail is 8 x 11 vertical format, 80 pages plus color cover, and is authored by Bert Kinzey, with illustrations by Lloyd Jones. The book includes 157 B&W photos, 12 B&W illustrations from an F-84 manual, two profile and three five-view B&W illustrations, eight color illustrations with two scrap views, and 48 color photographs. General arrangement of the book includes coverage starting with the XP-84 through the F-84G, and includes sections on foreign service, aircraft details including photos and drawings, colors, engine, and a modelers summary. Especially appreciated is that the author, as in his other aircraft books, has thoughtfully included the many photographs and illustrations of details of the subject.

Based on my research of the F-84, not only is most of the information in the book correct, but in addition, the author has included documentation on items that are not -- at least to my knowledge -- documented in any other published work. This is good, so far as it goes. Nevertheless, there are still a few errors or omissions, primarily related to: (a) the fuselage extension, (b) incomplete canopy bracing documentation, (c) incorrect pitot tube information on the drawing for the D model, and (d) incomplete information on nose and main gear struts and wheels. On the other hand, the author has better documentation than, for example, Squadron Signal's F-84 In Action, on gear and gear well documentation, and generally has correct detail for model variations included in the five view drawings -- in fact, these drawings are the most correct I have seen in any publication whether book or magazine or model instruction sheet (although the Tamiya instruction sheet drawings are quite good). Examples are: correct gear door shapes, and correct panel lines on the fuselage, for early and late Thunderjets. All things considered, this is the best book on the subject currently available for modelers.

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My opinion is that none of the books or articles so far published on the F-84 is complete in itself. Despite a few minor errors and omissions, the Detail & Scale, F-84 Thunderjet in detail, is much more complete and accurate for a modeler's purposes than any other book on the subject I have seen. In my opinion this is the "first on the list" must-have book, either for the modeler or for anyone wanting the book with the (currently) most accurate Thunderjet information and drawings.

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