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This book is Copyrighted in 1991. Foreword by Laurence C. (Bill) Craigie, Lieutenant General USAF (retired) Although not stated explicitly in other parts of the book, the Foreword clarifies that the book is focused on the jet age. And, as stated in the Introduction, this book "... focuses on the X (experimental and Y (service test prototype) versions, and includes some pre-production types. It also deals with their respective histories. ... Although not a definitive work, this reference provides the aviation enthusiast with an overview of the fifty-year development of US Air Force experimental, prototype and service test jet aircraft." The P-84 and its experimental, prototype and service test derivitaves are included in that overview.


Steve Pace, author; cover photo of F-100 zero length launch from Rockwell. Generally, this book is comprised of concise descriptions of U. S. experimental fighters from the Bell XP-59 to the Northrop-McDonnell Douglas YF-23. Each description includes text, several photos, occasional illustrations, and specifications. The eight pages of F-84 coverage includes short descriptions of each test variant, ten B&W photos, and a cutaway illustration of the F-84F. Coverage focuses on the experimental versions, including the XP-84, YP-96A, YF-84F #1 (oval intake), YF-84F #2 (pointed nose, side intakes), YFR-84F (prototype for the RF-84F), YFR-84K (YP-96A modified for FICON tests), XF-84H, and XF-84J. There are four pages about the XF-91, including six B&W photos; all significant variations made to the two aircraft are discussed in the text and shown in the photos. Specifications are listed for some but not all of these F-84 and XF-91 variants.

This book does not pretend to be comprehensive in its coverage of the various subject aircraft. Nevertheless, the brief coverage includes material not published elsewhere, and it is also of interest for the material presented on other U.S. experimental fighters.


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I have enjoyed this book, not so much as a comprehensive description of any aircraft, but rather as a leisure time perusal of the development of U.S. experimental fighter aircraft programs. Concise and well written; few but excellent photos.

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