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USAF Plus Fifteen -- A Photo History - 1947-1962

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This book is Copyrighted in 1993. As noted in the Introduction, the United States Air Force became an independent service on September 17, 1947. The author goes on to state, "During the next fifteen years, the Air Force transitioned from propellers to jet propulsion, brown uniforms to blue, subsonic speeds to Mach Two, fought a "police action" and defended most of the Free World. The variety of aircraft types, missions, and markings during this era will never be seen again." Thus the title, USAF Plus Fifteen, which is descriptive of the years covered in photographs and as noted in the subtitle, A Photo History - 1947-1962.


David W. Menard, author; cover photo of a flight of USAF T-33s; back cover photo of four F-84Ds. 142 pages plus color cover, 412 color photos with captions. The variety and location of subjects included and the quality of photos is excellent, a source of interest to any USAF history buff or modeler. There are over forty photos of F-84 subjects included, one of which is a rare color photo of the XF-84H Thundershriek -- that constitutes about 10% of the photos! -- and several other photos of P-47s and F-105s; therefore, Republic is well represented. Text is limited to the Introduction, and that focuses on the reason for the book, the first fifteen years of USAF history in photos. There are no bad photos in this book, and the printing quality does justice to the excellent photos. The F-84 photos provide a variety of subjects in color which may be a useful resource to modelers, and the same may be said of other non-F-84 subjects, of which there are a wide variety, including helicopters, experimental and test aircraft, etc. There are hours of pleasure available in this book for anyone interested in photo details of USAF aircraft. If that describes you, buy one quickly.

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I have enjoyed this book, not so much as a comprehensive description of any aircraft, but rather as a leisure time perusal of the excellent photos, not the least of which are the F-84 photos included therein. Is any book a "10"? I give it a "10" for the great photos.

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