Tips for attracting fireflies to your garden

Tips for attracting fireflies to your garden

Fireflies love humidity, so they live near swamps or in wooded areas. Its poetic intermittency of light is a beautiful dance in search of a partner, and finding them is always an important aesthetic experience.

Today we share some tips to attract them to your garden:

  • A fountain or a pond: fireflies like water, they usually live in places where there are ponds, streams, rivers, swamps, or even places where there is little water such as puddles.
  • Leave the mud: it is very useful for the larvae to immobilize their prey.
  • Plant flowers: Although there are more than 2,000 varieties of fireflies, diversifying the pollen and nectar that they feed on is very wise.
  • Trees, wood or firewood near a water source: they love to lay their eggs in these places.
  • Overgrown grass: they prefer it that way so that they can hide from their predators.
  • High places like shrubs and trees are desirable
  • Low light in your garden: the less artificial light there is, the closer they will be.
  • Use the fewest pesticides possible.


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