How to make a cute kitten out of a sock

How to make a cute kitten out of a sock

The materials that are needed are: socks, thread, scissors, stuffing material, needle and thread, googly eyes and the pattern that you will find below.

The instructions are basic and you will not have problems to do it following the instructions image by image. First you have to cut the pieces that are going to be needed to assemble the kitten's body. Then add padding materials to the inside of the socks and sew the body. Then you have to sew the head in place and make the face by placing the bulging eyes. Don't forget to add the whiskers, which can be done with black yarn.

Once you have sewn all the pieces and you have the kitten shape, you can decorate it however you want or also make more sock kittens for your collection. Simply adorable!


Video: CAT IN A SOCK (July 2021).