Marc Dourojeanni and interconnection in the Amazon

Marc Dourojeanni and interconnection in the Amazon

Roads are the worst option to interconnect the Amazon due to the environmental and social impact they generate around the areas where they are built. This is what Marc Dourojeanni, emeritus professor at the Agrarian University of Lima, maintains in an interview for SPDA Actualidad Ambiental.

The specialist, who along with other experts is the author of the book Peruvian Amazon in 2021, pointed out that the impact would be much less if instead of roads it was about railways, and even better if instead of the latter we talked about waterways.

He specified, yes, that in the case of this last option it is necessary to transform rivers into navigable routes and that for this it is important to invest in signaling works and port construction. It is the best option in terms of environmental sustainability, he says.

Later, the expert refers specifically to the interconnection with Brazil through railways and the impacts that these could cause. The interview was carried out within the framework of the Forum “Challenges for the sustainable interconnection of the Ucayali region”, which took place on July 1 in Lima.

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