Oslo will be Europe's first car-free city by 2019

Oslo will be Europe's first car-free city by 2019

The new government team of the Oslo City Council, made up of the Labor Party, the Greens and the Socialist Left approved a coalition agreement for the period 2015/2019 in which it provides for the prohibition of circulation of private vehicles with combustion engine in the city ​​center for 2019, among other measures against air pollution that is largely caused by motorized traffic.

The city council has given its approval to the project, highlighting that said ban will benefit all citizens without substantially affecting companies and businesses located in the capital. The project does not prohibit the circulation of vehicles that drive or transport people with disabilities or those that transport goods to shops.

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, spokesperson for the Green Party said "we want the capital to be pedestrians and cyclists, and that will also be better for businesses and the population as a whole." To carry it out, the project includes the construction of at least 60 kilometers of bicycle lanes before 2019, and provide a great boost to public transport investment.

In any case, before carrying out the measure and implementing and delimiting the areas of prohibited circulation, the government plans to consult the residents and those affected.

While they point out that it will not have a negative impact on tourism since those who arrive in Oslo will be able to visit the city in a different and environmentally friendly way such as walking or cycling, and will avoid the danger that cars often represent for those activities in big cities. In addition, some public transport buses will be enabled to transport people in the area.

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