Nutritional qualities of canons

Nutritional qualities of canons

Lambs provide nutrients to the body such as:

-Vitamin A

-vitamin B6

-vitamin C

-Vitamin E

-folic acid






The health benefits of lamb's lettuce are:

-Helps clean the blood

-Collaborate in the treatment of kidney problems

-Helps fight anemia

-Improves vision health

-Helps strengthen and improve the health of bones, nails, hair, teeth

-Helps calm and relax the nerves

-Collaborate in the weight loss process due to the few calories that these vegetables have

-Helps to treat conditions such as angina pectoris or a heart attack as it improves the functioning of the heart

-It helps to sleep

-Helps reduce the risk of cancer

-Helps to activate the metabolism so it favors weight reduction

-Collaborates in replacing the iron that is lost during heavy menstruation

The consumption of canons is recommended to groups such as:




-People in convalescent state

The lamb's lettuce provide nutrients that promote growth in children but also help keep the body healthy in older people.

The best way to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of lamb's lettuce is to use it in salads with other greens and vegetables.

There are many recipes that include these foods so it is very easy to prepare them.

It is really worth including canons in our diet because they are very rich but also healthy.

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