Hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica reaches record size

Hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica reaches record size

By Russia Today

The hole in the Antarctic ozone layer reached one of its largest ever sizes in October. As reported by NASA scientists, on October 2, 2015 it expanded to its peak: 28.2 million square kilometers, an area larger than North America.

Scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration note that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, which normally reaches its annual peak area between mid-September and early October, has formed more slowly this year, but it has expanded rapidly, covering a larger area of ​​low ozone values ​​than in recent years.

According to scientists, the Earth's ozone layer is on the way to recovery, but residents of the southern hemisphere need to be on the alert for high ultraviolet levels in the coming weeks.

Geir Braathen, chief scientist in the World Meteorological Organization's Atmospheric and Environmental Research Division, explained in a statement: “This shows us that the ozone hole problem is still present and we have to remain. attentive. But there is no reason for excessive alarm ”.


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