A very green fridge

A very green fridge

The Dutch designer proposes an ecological and sustainable refrigerator project without electricity based on a cooling of the products that we can literally store "underground", reminiscent of the traditional basement adapted to the conservation of groceries in modern times. To understand the structure and design of the refrigerator, what better than the following diagram of its operation:

We have a refreshing version of the traditional winery design, for today's cosmopolitans. The refrigerator uses the perfect insulating capacity of the floor and the cooling effect of the groundwater through an installation that monopolizes the entire environment of the refrigerator compartment. This leaves the temperature inside to be incessant, between ten and twelve degrees centigrade throughout the year. An ideal temperature to store, for example, fruits, vegetables, wine or cheese.

Although the design of the refrigerator may seem cumbersome, it is actually conceived with great coherence and with totally ecological materials. An example of a prefabricated project that tries to reduce the carbon footprint in its manufacturing process based on assembled modules, having a storage capacity of approximately 3,000 liters, not bad when compared to those on the market.

With the slogan "Keep your food fresh, without the electricity bill" it hopes to be avant-garde in an initiative that, although in a traditional way the constructions were conceived with cellars and basements, current and modern architecture has usually forgotten this aspect so sustainable normally for economic reasons.


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