Chlorinated Water reduces your body's defenses

Chlorinated Water reduces your body's defenses

By Marion Kuprat

Chlorine does not remain stable in water, but combines with many other components of water to generate new chemical compounds! These new breakdown products, in turn, become a problem, since these new compounds can produce even greater risks to health than those caused by the original substance, chlorine, already.

  • A few years ago, a study by Greenpeace already showed alarming results:
  • The defenses of the immune system are reduced.
  • The liver and kidneys are the main detoxification organs. Although these organs can break down these chlorine compounds to some extent, the degradation products generated from mixing with chlorine are often much more harmful than the original substance, so that the conversion of chlorine in our body itself causes the proliferation of unexpected toxic substances.
  • Even centuries after us, organochlorine substances such as DDT, PCBs, lindane, CFCs and PCP can still be found on our planet that will have adverse effects on our children.
  • The harmful effect of many substances is directly related to the combination of chlorine with the respective organic substance and its cumulative effect. This point alone should be enough to do everything possible to replace chlorine.
  • As early as the 1990s, toxicologists were able to demonstrate the existence of at least 177 harmful organochlorine compounds in humans.
  • Studies on animals revealed the neurotoxic and narcotic effect that chlorine compounds have on the brain. So, be very careful with the chlorine vapor produced in the bathroom during the morning shower.
  • The important study conducted by Greenpeace 20 years ago has already raised suspicions about long-term damage to the nervous system, decreased ability to concentrate, memory impairment, personality disorders and the like.

Neurotoxic injury is not yet fully understood, but it is already being accepted that it is an accumulation of lipophilic solvents in fat-rich nerve tissue.

So if you are ever told again that chlorine is actually not that dangerous and that we have already gotten used to this substance, take a good look at the person who is telling you this and think about whether this person is really thinking about your good. ...

Marion kuprat

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