The driest desert in the world just became a rose-covered paradise

The driest desert in the world just became a rose-covered paradise

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However, this arid territory hides a wonderful spectacle that is usually only shown every 4 or more years, depending on the rainfall in the region.

This is known as the flowery desert, a phenomenon in which the previously monotonous territory is transformed into a landscape dyed in color by more than 200 species of flowers, many of them endemic - that is, they only exist in this place. , which appear suddenly between the months of September and November.

That is exactly what is happening today in this arid corner of the world.

Due to the intense rains and storms that were registered in the country in March, and that caused alluvium and strong river floods in the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Atacama, this year the flowery desert is more wonderful than ever.

We had already seen a preview of this phenomenon a few months ago when, in an unprecedented way, various flowers began to cover the sandy desert plains in May. Since the flowery desert had never manifested itself at this time - full autumn in the southern hemisphere - they called it "the new flowery desert," which was on a much smaller scale than a regular flowery desert anyway.

The secret behind this carpet of wild flowers and vegetation that covers the desert, is in its soil.

Since in the northern part of the country rains are usually scarce, the seeds and bulbs remain in a dormant state waiting for the right conditions to flower. This generally occurs when in winter, rainfall exceeds 100 mm.

This phenomenon attracts hundreds of tourists and biologists, who travel to the region attracted by the unique beauty of the improvised multi-colored meadow or the uniqueness of the species that grow there.

More than 200 different types of flowers color the landscape and attract all kinds of insects and animals.


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