A liter of light: reuse of plastic bottles transforming them into lighting

A liter of light: reuse of plastic bottles transforming them into lighting

Un Litro de Luz is an open source and recyclable social project aimed mainly at low-income residents, which consists of building solar ampoules with disposable materials, such as plastic bottles, providing them with light in their homes, thus avoiding possible accidents and reducing energy contamination.

The idea is to trap the power of the sun in a plastic bottle and benefit humble interior spaces with sunlight. The vial is nothing more than a transparent plastic bottle, filled with purified water plus a well-sealed portion of bleach.

The bottle is inserted into open holes in the ceilings and the sun's rays travel through the container and the water-chlorine mixture, generating a brilliant 360-degree refraction, illuminating any room with an intensity of 55 watts.

The organization MyShelter Foundation Inc, was founded in 2006 by the Filipino Illac Diaz -who followed the creation of the Brazilian Alfredo Moser- implementing “One liter of light” in the Philippines; the goal proposed for this year 2015 is to bring light to one million homes in the world.

Litro de Luz activities, with the vigor of volunteer workers, also carry out training sessions and thus, the beneficiaries themselves teach others how to make the installations and repair them.

Un Litro de Luz has a presence in American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua. In Colombia it is in cities such as Cali, Barranquilla, Medellín, among others.

The director of Un Litro de Luz Colombia -in an interview with Young Marketing- commented: “We started in Duitama, Boyacá in June 2011 and, since then, we have had significant growth; during the past year we illuminated 1,051 homes with installation every weekend ”.

In an interview with The Columnist, Illac Diaz commented “A Liter of Light is just a template. We hope that it will expand and that new young people will come with other 'viral' applications ”.

With One Liter of Light the problem of plastic waste is transformed into a “harmonious construction with the environment”.

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Video: Lighting homes with plastic bottles (July 2021).