How to clean mold from joints, without toxins

How to clean mold from joints, without toxins

By FatimaSole

The natural products that we are going to use are effective and safe alternatives, with bactericidal, fungicidal and bleaching properties.

This cleaning is done in 2 steps:


  • 1 liter of vinegar to which we have added 40 drops of essential tea tree oil (shake well before using)
  • Peroxide


Spray the joints with the vinegar and tea tree mixture. Let it air dry for several hours.


Once the vinegar is dry, dip a brush in the hydrogen peroxide and go over the joints, rubbing gently, soaking them well. Let dry.

Repeat both steps several times a day, for as long as necessary until the mold disappears. Depending on the case, it will be eliminated in a shorter or longer time, but you have to be constant, since natural products require a little more patience.


Household cleaners can also release irritating fumes. Therefore, especially when spraying vinegar with essential tea tree oil, keep the room well ventilated and use respiratory protection if necessary.


To prevent future mold growth, it is generally sufficient to periodically spray the joints with the vinegar and essential oil mixture. In addition, if it is thrown on the tiles of the bathtub, shower, or inside the toilet, it helps to avoid limescale deposits while disinfecting.

Learning to replace commercial cleaning toxins with safe natural alternatives is a choice that helps protect the environment, and also the people and animals that live in a home, something especially important when there are children.

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