Argentina: Syngenta also leaves Córdoba

Argentina: Syngenta also leaves Córdoba

The newspaper La Voz del Interior de Córdoba published the news on September 2. In June 2012, together with President Cristina Kirchner, Syngenta's global CEO, from the government house they announced investments for 800 million pesos, as the Cordovan newspaper also reports.

The refusal is added to the non-establishment of Monsanto in Malvinas Argentinas and Río Cuarto, two other locations in the same province.

The reasons have to do with the popular rejection of Monsanto in the province and the country. Also, although they do not say it loudly, it has to do with a commercial issue: they do not invest in corn and sunflower seeds and they do in agrochemicals, in the agrochemical center of Zárate. The sensations at the news are mixed: it is good news for Villa María, and bad news for the inhabitants of Zárate.

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