Glass recycling in the EU reaches a historical figure of 73%

Glass recycling in the EU reaches a historical figure of 73%

More than 25 billion glass containers are recycled, closing a circuit that bets on the circular economy model.

Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany continue to be the best recyclers with very high rates. Italy, the Netherlands and Malta improved compared to previous years. However, it is the Eastern European countries that are achieving better rates, as the industry begins to tackle glass recycling challenges. Efforts to increase glass recycling make Europe the continent with the highest recycling rates in the world.

According to the president of FEVE, Vitaliano Torno "The high glass recycling rate of 73% shows that the glass container model is the one that best approximates a closed cycle model, although resources should continue to be invested to improve recycling even more, especially in less developed countries ”.

Glass recycling enables the industry to drastically reduce its environmental footprint by saving energy and raw materials, and helps maintain 125,000 stable and local jobs across the European Union.

In the Spanish case, according to FEVE and the National Association of Manufacturers of Glass Containers, the glass container sector generates about 11,000 jobs, contributing 860 million euros to the Gross Domestic Product and acting as a driver and support to the export.

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