Uruguay works almost a whole day 100% with renewable energy

Uruguay works almost a whole day 100% with renewable energy

Wind power was the one that provided the greatest supply of electricity with 48.76% of the total, followed by hydro with 39.64%, after them biomass with 10.26% and to finish photovoltaics contributed 1.34%. Great news, Uruguay is surprising the world !!!

In those almost 24 hours, they received no electricity supply from Brazil or electricity generated by fossil fuels. Uruguay has neither oil nor gas, it has practically used all its hydroelectric potential and its economy is growing at 6%. At the same time he wants to reduce his poverty.

Renewables are becoming more important in the generation of electricity in Uruguay. In 2014, hydropower accounted for 74%, biomass for 13%, fossil sources for 7% and wind for 6%.

But Uruguay wants more. In 2014, more than 400 megawatts were commissioned in wind power plants and in 2015, several more wind plants are expected to be commissioned.

With only 3.2 million inhabitants, it has launched an energy revolution. Invest 3% of GDP in renewables.

The 4 main political parties of the country reached an agreement to implement a common long-term energy policy until 2030 regardless of who governed.

In this time, the cost of electricity for Uruguayans has been reduced by 6%.

Easy right?

Data: Electric company, National Administration of Power Plants and Electric Transmissions (UTE).


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