Virtual violence destroys environmental awareness

Virtual violence destroys environmental awareness

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

Our mental health is impaired at the expense of current technological materialism, which blocks the entry of common sense into the brains of Humanity. The fiction of cyberspace enslaves the real notion of time, through social networks, video games, mobile applications, advertising banners and search engines, which never remember the holistic meaning of conservationism.

Between luxury androids, car thieves, angry birds, golden gems, mercenaries and Trojans, it is evident that the Minecraft universe looks very limited, to rebuild the green peace that Earth so badly needs.

In fact, we are building the era of cancer due to the extreme technological codependency of the 21st century, which is built with millions of blocks of silicon, mercury, cadmium, lead, lithium, plastic, copper, nickel, aluminum, gold and other toxic derivatives. of the capitalist frenzy.

Better than planting plants to drive away zombies from the Internet, it would be to plant a tree to make the hummingbirds of the earthly park fall in love. But people suppose that by buying 1000 virtual sunflowers on Google Play, they can take the blame for not having sown a single sunflower in the earthly park.

It is the theater of the absurd at its finest. Millions of zombies star in the savage ecocide suffered by Mother Earth. They coexist in secret with us. They always work and never smile. They are addicted to easy money. They look like normal men and women, but they really have been sleeping in silence for centuries, even though they think they are full of life inside.

Violence is not just kicking a helpless dog, shoving a sick child, or hitting a beautiful woman. We are violent when we trample on the land that fed us, when we dump kilos of garbage in the streets, when we buy whatever they sell in MercadoLibre, when we download pornography full of computer viruses, and when we decide to live in the chaotic World Wide Web, while the World of flesh and blood collapses before our eyes.

There is a global amalgamation of colors, ages and creeds, but the differences are unified by environmental hostility, which mistreats the sacred heart of planet Earth. Young people are NOT saving electricity because they play Grand Theft Auto. Adults DO NOT recycle waste because they send WhatsApp messages. And the elderly do NOT remember the past because it is no longer worth remembering.

Empirical science insists that social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, became a dangerous mass drug, which causes from a severe addiction, through an inconsolable depression, and even to the orthodox death. Notifications, followers and updates have generated the so-called "fear of being excluded", being a syndrome that affects the millions of users worldwide, who need to always be connected to the Internet, to gain a greater experience through the inexhaustible publication of comments, photos, videos and other virtual content.

We have completely lost the good economy of time. Every day the Sun escapes from our hands, even though it shone brightly behind us. Therefore, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, anxiety, selfishness, conjunctivitis, headaches and social withdrawal, have been stealing the good judgment of the hysterical Modern Society, which will be an accomplice of its inevitable self-destruction.

We do not want to be horsemen of the apocalypse, but we are galloping on a perverse lifestyle, which does not recognize the importance of preserving the natural resources of the environment. It is enough to observe in our Latin American cities, the increase in public areas that offer free access to the Wi-Fi network, despite the fact that many Internet users do NOT have drinking water sources, or domestic gas, or electricity in their homes.

We see the recent cases of La Molina (Peru), Cobquecura (Chile), Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Montúfar (Ecuador) and Naguanagua (Venezuela). In these Latin American regions, the arrival of Wi-Fi is denounced, while poor communities and their humble inhabitants protest in the streets, because they do not have guaranteed free access to basic subsistence services.

No money is invested to achieve an infrastructure of environmental sustainability, because Latin American governments try to copy foreign endogenous growth models, totally removed from the socio-ecological problems that citizens face daily.

The conclave of that terrible reality in Latin America is established with a false technological development, which is only adjusted to the elite population, who prefer to go to the park to play the new version of Plants VS Zombies. It does not matter that a meteor shower sprouts from the sky, that an old deaf-mute begs them for alms, or that the saints sanctify the aroma of the countryside, because the technophile individuals will remain fully concentrated planting sunflowers and killing zombies.

It is clear that human stupidity is highly contagious almost everywhere in the world. The multinationals take advantage of the fact that people are happy killing time with their smartphones, to continue destroying ecosystems and extinguishing global biodiversity.

The joke is to distract the masses, hypnotize them with cutting edge technology and robotize behavior. When they finally do, the owners of corporate cannibalism feel free to grow GM foods, burn fossil fuels, and pollute ocean water.

It is obvious to say that as long as China and the United States continue to be the best executioners on planet Earth, as the rest of the countries will continue to idolize consumerism, capitalism and programmed obsolescence, each time they buy more electronic scrap in the gigantic shopping centers.

It is no coincidence that the United States accumulates 40% of the global climate debt, and that China is a pioneer in the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The unusual thing is that China and the United States are faithful devotees of the fundamental ethical principles, firmly described in the pages of the macabre Earth Charter. This beautiful international declaration has been proclaiming the laws of environmental respect for more than 15 years, and shows us that words are always carried by the wind of corruption, bureaucracy and fascism.

In the case of Latin America, environmental violence is the consequence of a systematic process of Transculturation, since we are fortunate to be the subcontinent that drinks the most liters of Coca-Cola in the world, that gets the most debt buying millions of cell phones and who asks the dumbest questions in the mess of Yahoo Answers.

As we know, in several Latin American countries the so-called "Analog Blackout" is being carried out, seeking that the typical junk television is now digitally consumed by viewers. However, the environmental fate of the incalculable archaic televisions is uncertain, which will join the more than 40 million tons of electronic waste produced annually, and which they hope to increase with the sophisticated rebound effect of Y2K38.

It is worth clarifying that while we lose our visual, emotional and spiritual health, browsing the Internet 24 hours a day, a series of ecocides are occurring in all the gardens of the Pachamama, taking advantage of the fact that people will never tire of planting sunflowers and kill the zombies.

For example, the more than 200,000 gallons of oil spilled in the municipality of Puerto Asís, thanks to the classic subversion of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), destroyed the ecological balance of the wetlands, and undermined the life of indigenous ethnic groups. and of the adjacent peasants, who were left with the worst part of the warmongering landscape.

The colossal explosions in the port of Tianjin (China), which left a level of sodium cyanide 356 times higher than allowed, must also support the fact that more than 4,000 Chinese citizens die every day, from inhaling the great pollution of the air that is It accumulates in the face, in the lungs and in a respiratory system, which will never be immune to the environmental genocide perpetrated.

The 40 thousand cubic liters of acidulated copper sulfate leachate are still mourning, which suffocated the Tinajas stream and the Sonora and Bacanuchi rivers in Mexico, creating a health emergency due to the orange scars that marked the Aztec soil.

Impossible to forget the American dentist Walter Palmer, who nailed the bow and arrow to the famous lion Cecil of Zimbabwe, to justify the $ 54,000 paid in the exciting African excursion. Nor do we forget the American hunter Sabrina Corgatelli, who apart from shouting that "giraffes are very dangerous animals", lives posing and smiling on social networks next to their triumphant murders, which symbolize the success of drugs, safaris and the Empire.

We are seeing too much evil against our planet. Cowards love to live in prison, in the technological cowardice of anonymity. Ignorance is the nuclear weapon of the 21st century, solidified by racism, homophobia, cyberbullying, and psychosis in high definition. This is how an authentic legion of cowards arises around the world, who do not respect the eternal courage of the brave Mother Earth.

The most worrying thing at present is that parents have been filling their children with a lot of technology, to remedy the lack of timeshare due to work demands, and to continue avoiding the possible injection of Environmental Education since childhood.

The result of the emotional deprivation in the family, is paid with the sad image of children who go to school carrying an Iphone, who enjoy wireless Internet and satellite television in their angelic bedrooms, and who record videoblogs to upload every day. days to YouTube, without thinking about the danger of being exposed publicly within their localities.

There is no longer any doubt that virtual violence destroys environmental awareness. The binary World must recover the ancient ecological legacy, which grew the first corn seed in the garden of life. From our cybermedia we ask you to use technology for pacifist purposes, and NOT to continue burning us in a war without quarter.


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