3 effective and chemical-free methods to get rid of insects

3 effective and chemical-free methods to get rid of insects

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It is much healthier to spend a few minutes making home remedies. Among the most popular we can highlight:

Ants: cucumber, mint, cayenne pepper, and cornmeal

These methods depend on finding where the ants are entering your home. Once you follow the trails that the ants leave until you find the point of entry, try these ideas to get rid of them forever:

• Place some cucumber slices near the entry point. The smell will scare them away

• The smell of peppermint also keeps ants away. A few bags of peppermint tea might help you scare them away.

• Sprinkle cayenne pepper or cornmeal near where they enter. Ants die from ingesting any of these ingredients.

Keep insects away when we are away from home

Bugs can ruin what was originally a fun outing. Use this remedy to keep them out of your area:

• First, put a cup of alcohol in a spray bottle. Add several drops of lavender oil or clove oil, as they are pleasant scents for humans and rejected by insects. Spray the mixture around where you are.

Apple cider vinegar against fruit flies

Although no insects are welcome in your home, fruit flies can be the worst. They are small, they are not afraid to fly near you and they reproduce en masse. Use this simple trick to get them out of your life:

• Place about a finger of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a jug or container.

• Add a drop of dish soap.

• Cover the jug with a plastic sheet.

• Make some holes in the plastic with a needle. Insects will enter but cannot get out of the container.

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