Half of the drugs marketed are useless

Half of the drugs marketed are useless

Two prestigious French professors and doctors came to this radical conclusion in their book 'Guide to the 4,000 useful, useless or dangerous medicines', in which they denounced not only the uselessness, but also the dangerousness of some of the medicines that the French ingest and that they cost the state about 10 billion euros in social security reimbursements.

50% of the drugs are useless, 20% poorly tolerated and 5% of the remedies, potentially dangerous, according to the French parliamentarian Bernard Debré, deputy of the group Unión por un Movimiento Popular (UMP), and Philippe Even, director of the prestigious Necker Institute and rector of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris.

This publication has become a real challenge for the pharmaceutical industry and for doctors. In France, nine out of ten medical visits end with a prescription to buy a medicine at the pharmacy. Annually, the country consumes 47 boxes of pills per person.

In addition, the authors of the investigation accuse the pharmaceutical industry of inertia and of being carried away by its economic interests when producing medicines. Debré and Even assure that the laboratories only invest 5% in research, 15% in development and 10% in manufacturing, which is generally carried out in countries such as India or Brazil.

France has the world's highest percentage of pharmacies per square meter, 18,000 medical visitors and a very powerful pharmaceutical ‘lobby’ in the National Assembly.

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