The time has come to think altruistically

The time has come to think altruistically

By Mª José Navarro

Well, even current science cannot fully understand what through other sources, for example the prophecy for the current time, has been manifesting us and with it warning for almost 40 years. For example, diseases have to do with the destruction of planet Earth, and that if animals do badly, human beings will also do badly. On the other hand, if we destroy the magnetic fields of the Earth, we also destroy our body.

Correlations that we should reflect on.

Man is a part of nature, a component of the Earth.

That is why it should be logical for anyone who thinks sensibly to understand that what we do to Earth, our place of origin, we are doing to ourselves.

That is why it is time to think beyond our own limited existence, because with our uncontrolled actions we influence the lives of millions of animals, we influence the climate, our own diet and with it our health and disease, and above all we will influence in the future life of the planet and of future generations.

Over and over again we hear that whales run aground on the beaches, that migratory birds lose their orientation on their migratory routes or that flocks of insects become disoriented, strange behaviors that are caused by the alteration of the magnetic fields that serve the animals to compass mode.

Are we aware that we exert an enormous influence on everything that happens in nature, and yet we are unable to correct the consequences?

Without going any further, atomic energy and the storage of its radioactive waste is taking on a dimension that is beyond our control, a problem that is overflowing even though it is barely perceptible to the ordinary citizen.

However, it will have consequences for centuries, for millennia or perhaps for millions of years, times in which our descendants will have to suffer the consequences of our selfishness, lack of altruism and common sense.

Isn't it time to stop, reflect, and change the roadmap of humanity?

"Planting and harvesting"

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